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Interviewing Preparation

The employer will make the hiring decision based on these factors:

  • Attitude
  • Image and Communication Skills
  • Experience and Correlation
  • Education

General Interviewing Suggestions:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to the interview
  • When filling out an application, please remember to fill out all paperwork neatly and completely
  • In the desired salary blank, hand-write the word "open".
  • Greet your interviewer by his first name with a smile and a firm handshake.
  • Always represent yourself honestly -- but be positive, "I am looking for a good opportunity" is a better answer than "I can't stand by boss!"
  • Answer all questions clearly and succinctly -- do not ramble on, do not interrupt.
  • Tell the company what you can do for them -- do not ask questions such as "when do my benefits start" or "how long do I have to be in the position before I get promoted?"
  • Respond positively to questions asked of you, even if the question is set up in a negative manner.
  • Do not answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Sell yourself by using descriptive examples.
  • Always represent yourself honestly!
  • Be enthusiastic about your experience, the position and the company! If you are interested, ASK FOR THE POSITION!
  • When you are asked questions, formulate answers that indicate your desire to work for the company. If you are asked, "where do you see yourself in one year?" The answer should be "I see myself working in this office, gaining experience..."
  • Always carry at least three clean copies of your resume in a portfolio or briefcase.

Ask these last two questions:

1. Do you have any concerns about my background?
2. Where do we go from here? Or what happens next?
Thank the interviewer for his time.
Always get a business card from each interviewer.
Call me immediately after the interview!


  • Do your homework on the company.
  • Do your homework on yourself. Review your career history thoroughly. Know your responsibilities, accomplishments, and strengths. Be able to cite specific examples of accomplishments, know how your experience can help the company solve some of its problems (software conversion experience, etc).

If you are asked what salary you are looking for, try to avoid quoting a specific figure. Try something like this: "I'm more interested in the opportunity to work for an innovative company than a specific dollar amount." Frequently the interviewer will ask again or rephrase the question, try this next: "I'm currently earning per year, but I am really more interested in the opportunity than the specific dollars."

I would say that a business suit, stockings and dress shoes would be appropriate. "Conservative" is the rule of thumb for interviews.

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