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Portfolio Fund Accountant | Sample Resume

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Are you applying for a Portfolio Fund Accountant position? Do you need to update or tailor your resume for a Portfolio Fund Accountant job? Review our Portfolio Fund Accountant sample resume below to see how to make the most of your credentials.

Portfolio Fund Accountant Sample Resume

Fund Accounting
2003 to present
Supervised a staff of four and seventy-four funds. The funds consist of ten Limited Partnerships and sixty-four Separate Accounts totaling in excess of $7 billon. Several of the funds are leveraged and investments consist of Domestic and International Fixed Income, Convertible, Equity, Forward Contracts, Options, Swap Contracts and Bank Debt securities.

  • Assisted with the financial accounting system conversion.
  • Supervised the implementation of the automated transaction reconciliation module.
  • Established procedures (Checks and Balances) for the reconciliation module to ensure all transactions are accurately recorded for GAAP and FASB accounting purposes.
  • Designed and implemented procedures to ensure the trial balances for the OffShore administrators were reviewed timely and accurately.
  • Designed and Implemented procedures to ensure accurate and efficient month-end closes.
  • Assisted with the design and implementation of procedures for the settlements group to ensure securities settled timely and accurately.
  • Review and analysis of international and domestic corporate action postings.
  • Review weekly and monthly performance calculations for accuracy.
  • Review month-end closing packages.
  • Supervise the training for all new employees.
  • Preparation and analysis of quarterly compliance reports.

Fund Accounting
2002 to 2003
Responsible for designing and implementing accounting, administration and settlement procedures for the OnShore and OffShore Limited Partnerships. The Limited Partnerships consisted of an OnShore master account and an OffShore account that was a participant to the master account. The Mater Fund was one hundred percent leveraged at all times and the investments, Domestic and International, consisted of Swap Contracts, Options, Futures Contracts, Repurchase Agreements, Reverse Repurchase Agreements, CMO/Asset Backed Securities, Government Treasuries, Equity.

  • Assisted custodian bank with the set-up of Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Agreements book.
  • Implemented procedures to ensure the correct settlement of securities.
  • Maintained the fixed income accounting system to properly record transactions.
  • Analysis and posting of domestic and international corporate actions.
  • Designed and implemented procedures to reconcile all accounts and currencies on a daily basis.
  • Designed and implemented processes, procedures and reports to ensure proper GAAP and FASB accounting.
  • Designed and implemented various reports to allocate income and expenses, calculate management and incentive fees for each participant in the Limited Partnerships.
  • Designed and implemented monthly performance calculations at fund and participant level.
  • Designed and implemented participant statements for the OnShore partners.
  • Designed and implemented a monthly trial balance.
  • From inception did a monthly close and created the various allocation reports to determine each partner’s capital balance and performance are in compliance to AIMR standards.
  • Established daily procedures for Fund Accountants and Administrators.
  • Implemented a check and balance system for improved control and better tracking of cash and security movement. Extremely important since the fund is heavily leveraged.
  • Established a month-end closing process to ensure accuracy and efficiency by implementing various control procedures. The fund was able to close on the first business day as of September.
  • Assisted clients and consultants with tax, accounting and performance questions.

Fund Accounting
1997 to 2001

  • Supervised the fund accounting and operations staff of nine employees and two hundred and ninety funds totaling in excess of $10 billion. Fund types were Open and Closed End Limited Partnerships that include Hedge Funds, Co-Mingled Trusts and Separate Accounts. These Funds invested in Domestic and International Equity, Fixed Income and Convertible securities.
  • Ensured the accuracy of the month-end closing process, performance calculations and client reporting by designing and implementing control procedures.
  • Analysis and posting of domestic and foreign corporate actions.
  • Coordinating communication between fund accounting and portfolio management groups in New York, London and Hong Kong.
  • Support of portfolio/trading groups with daily performance attribution and cash management.
  • Preparation and analysis of quarterly compliance reports.
  • Preparation and analysis of fund’s financial statements and tax allocations.
  • Maintenance of equity and fixed income accounting systems to properly record transactions as required for reporting.
  • Assist clients and consultants with performance, accounting and tax questions.
  • Continual training and development of employees.
  • Lead person on testing, implementing and conversions to new systems.
  • Committee member on various special projects.

Fund Accounting
1995 to 1997

  • Day-to-day management of four employees and one hundred and ten funds. Fund types included Mutual Funds, Open End Limited Partnerships and Separate Accounts. These Funds invested in Domestic and International Equity, Fixed Income and Convertible securities.
  • Ensured the accuracy of month-end closes, performance calculations and client reporting.
  • Prepared and analyzed fund’s financial statements and tax allocations.
  • Reviewed daily net asset value of Funds.
  • Established procedures for Fund Accountants and Administrators.
  • Lead person and coordinator in the conversion of Limited Partnerships to Mutual Funds.
  • Trained new employees and developed current employees through daily interaction.

Fund Administrator
1990 to 1994

  • Mutual Funds, Limited Partnerships and Separate Accounts investing in Domestic and International Equity, Fixed Income and Convertible securities.
  • Daily review, of cash balances against custodian/trustee banks providing a timely means of detecting and correcting errors, omissions and/or irregularities. Performed month-end closing for reporting purposes.
  • Maintained partner capital accounts, report performance, issue statements.
  • Calculated monthly/quarterly management and incentive fees.
  • Prepared semiannual financial statements. Analyzed tax issues at fund and partner levels.

Tax Accountant
1989 to 1990

  • Responsibilities Included for 35 states: Sales and Use Tax returns.
  • Personal Property and Real Estate Tax.
  • Maintained within each state Business Licenses for each city and/or county.
  • Assisted the marketing centers with tax problems related to state, city and county codes and regulations. Balanced the General Ledgers for each respective marketing center.


Invest One, Shaw Data, Total Return, Tradar, AXYS, PAM, APL, Xamin, Bloomberg, SQL, Access, Quattro Pro, Excel, MS Visual Web Developer and other business software applications.


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